4 Ways To Protect Yourself From Knife Stabbing

1. How To Protect Yourself From A Knife

Knife stabbing could be very dangerous and unexpected. knives would be worse than a gun. When facing a knife attack, you’ll always need to stay calm and defend yourself if necessary.

2. How To Defend Against A Knife Attack

Defend yourself by snatching the knife is extremely risky, grabbing the attacker’s wrist may the best option. Grabbing their wrist hard will able to control the knife’s direction and give you some time to hit them. 

3. Protect Yourself From Random Knife Attack

Defense yourself by continuing to attack them! 

4. Tips To Prevent Knife Stabbing

To everybody: Hopefully, you never have to defend against a knife attack, but it’s always good to know the basics skills of knife defense. Please bear in mind that, “RUN ALWAYS” if you have the chance. 

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