4 Ways To Rescue Baby From A Hot Car

1. How To Save A Baby From A Hot Car

When you see a baby trapped in a car, this may seem very frightening, do not hesitate to rescue the baby by breaking into the car.  The baby’s life is likely in danger of death by heatstroke.




2. Strangers Rescued Two Babies From A Hot Car

Almost every year, around forty American babies die because they were left unattended in the car in high temperatures. Luckily, many are rescued by strangers who knew what to do and act it without hesitating. 



3. Rescue Child Locked Inside Hot Car

Breaking the edge of the car window with whatever object you are using may help to get the break started.





4. Save Child Left In Hot Car

Wrap your hand with a piece of cloth and push the hole that you broke. Unlock the door. Get the infant out and you will save a life. 





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