5 Crucial Survival Techniques With No Tools

#1. How to Make Fire by Rubbing Sticks

Simply rub two sticks together will heat the woods enough to catch fire – watch this video.

#2. Primitive Survival Shelter Build with Bare Hands

Make building a shelter your utmost priority in any survival situation, unfortunately, tools can be damaged or lost. You can take advantage of materials found in nature to build a temporary shelter that could potentially save your life – watch this video.

#3. Catching Fish with No Pole or Fishing Supplies

If you find yourself in a survival situation with no fishing gear or supplies, be creative and strategic in search of materials needed in surrounding places – watch this video.

#4. Searching for Water in the Forest

If you are stranded in the wilderness, searching for water is one of the most important things you want to do in order to sustain life. Here are 5 best ways to find drinkable forest water – watch this video.

#5. How to Make a Stone Tool

The importance of a sharp knife in any survival situation cannot be overstated, from self-defense, hunting, splitting woods to tools making. Learn this stone age skill video now – please be careful that flakes don’t fly into your eyes!

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