7 Tips For Women Self Defense In Elevator

How does woman protect herself against muggers in the elevator? When the elevator’s door is closed is the dream for a criminal! Every Woman should learn self-defense tips to protect themselves.

1. Muggers Beat and Rob Woman in Elevator

This video is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Always check the elevator before you go in. When there is someone who looks suspicious, step out. If you feel something not right with the person who waits for the elevator, don’t get in and wait for the next elevator. Get them to press their floor button, if they don’t, they are not right! Get out of the elevator immediately!

2. Woman Violently Attacked By A Robber Inside Malaysia, Cheras MRT Lift


When a girl enters the elevator, stand next to the control button and also near to the door with your back to the wall. Do not give your back to the next person, this will increase the chance for others to attack you.

3. Woman Be Careful In Elevator

When you are in an elevator, always paying attention to what is surrounding you and also aware of who and what is behind you. Pay attention for 360 degrees around you. The mugger will attack you from behind anytime.

4. Elderly Woman Threatened and Robbed In Elevator

Make eye contact with other confidently, telling other people with your body language saying that I am not an easy target. Get off if you feel something not right!

5. How To Defend Yourself

Girls who are carrying a bag, keep your bag away from others in the elevator. Muggers sometimes work in teams and they tend to target people who stand in the middle or stand close to the door with their back to them. This allows the muggers to grab any opportunity to steal or grab the bag from you.

6. Girl Fights Off Robber In Elevator

Consider keeping your keys as a weapon, use it as to protect you. Get a tactical pen instead. If the robber is abusive and just wants your valuables, it is probably best to give the robber what he wants. It is not worth to put your life to fight back the abusive robber.

7 Best Girl Self Defense Compilation

Unfortunately, if you are under attack, quickly press the alarm and as many buttons as possible to try and get the elevator to stop at the next floor. Shouting loudly “STOP and NO to scare away the attacker. Remember that statistically, those who fight back when attacked are more likely to get away than those who don’t. Woman is to stand up and defense themselves!

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