Simple Steps To Escape A Sinking Car

In extreme and life-threatening situations like this, how would you react? Below are some very important steps and tips to be taken to help you save your life.

#1. Dashcam Captures Penang Bridge Car Crash

A dashboard camera captured the moment a Mazda CX-5 plunged off the Penang Bridge and into the sea, following a collision with a Toyota Vios along KM4 on the mainland-bound side of the bridge early Sunday morning.

#2. CCTV Footage Shows SUV Plunging Off Penang Bridge

A CCTV footage of the SUV plunged off the Penang bridge.

#3. SUV Hauled Up From Seabed

The operations team comprising 40 divers from various agencies succeeded in securing cables to the stricken vechicle before it was hoisted up to the bridge by a crane.

#4. The Only Way to Survive In a Sinking Car

#5. How To Escape A Flooding Vehicle

#6. How to Escape a Car Sinking in Deep Water

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