5 Self-Defense Tips That Can Save Your Woman

1. Self -Defense Move For Females

The techniques are easy and taught in repetitive order just to change your muscle flexibility – Keep Practicing but it doesn’t take years and years. 



2. Choke Hold Self Defense For Females

Although it takes a while to build your muscle’s flexibility and there are some basic skills that are easier to keep in mind and will save you from a dangerous situation.



3. Self-Defense Techniques for Women

Strikers frequently target at their women from behind or the side by using slapping, grabbing or punching. To fight this back, use the side of the wrist to release and attack them in the same way – by putting your arm at a right-angle and make some adequate space between yourself and the attacker.



4. Women’s Self Defense Groin Kick

The groin is one of the weakest points for men but for women too.  If a distance away, use the long-range attack, kick and aim to hit using the tips of your toes. If you’re closer, use your knee – We believe this is the most important move for a woman to defend herself from a male attacker.



5. Why Woman Should Learn Self-Defense

It’s time to get back to the streets and stay strong.



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