5 Ways To Defend Yourself Against Multiple Attackers

1. How To Defend Against A Gang Attack

Have you prepared for multiple opponents who attack you at the same time? Today, we are going to talk about 5 ways to defend yourself against multiple attackers.


2. The Best Self Defense Techniques For Fighting Multiple Opponents

The more you practice the techniques, the more you can handle.


3. Self Defense Techniques Against Multiple Attackers

If you are fighting with two people or more than that, there are two important steps for defending against multiple opponents at the same time: 1) Do not go between the two or more opponents, and 2) Do not get yourself to the ground.


4. 3 VS Self Defense Scenario

Get the opponents to stand in line that is easy for you to attack them, but funny that they won’t line up for you. So the important steps is to apply the concept of circling.


5. How To Fight Multiple Attackers

Defend against multiple attackers isn’t easy. Apply self-defense techniques is always applicable and minimize your injury. Stay safe always.


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